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Which is the best month to visit Coorg?

Since the temperature of Coorg range from 15 degree Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius all year, so it is a year-round destination, however, the best time for the adventure activities like trekking is October to march.

What language is spoken in Coorg?

Kodava is the local language that is spoken in Coorg. However, you can also see people speaking in Kannada, Hindi, and English.

Which is better, Coorg or Ooty?

Both Coorg and Ooty have their own beautiful attractions, so it is difficult to compare. If you want solitude and are a tad adventurous, then you should go for Coorg.

How expensive is Coorg?

The budget travels to Coorg are also available. You can find a budget hotel for stays, and the food is also not much expensive.

How many days are enough to visit Coorg?

Coorg is a place that is all about the beautiful valleys and very cozy stays. This means that covering all the major attractions around the Coorg will take you at least two days.

Is Coorg and madikeri same?

No, Coorg and Madikeri are not same. Madikeri is a hill station that falls in the headquarters of the Coorg district.

Which is the best location to stay in Coorg?

Madikeri is one of the most beautiful locations for staying in Coorg. It is full of paddy fields, coffee plantations, and beautiful orchards, so it is truly an incredible sight.

Are there beaches in Coorg?

Unfortunately, there are no beaches in Coorg. But there are some fantastic beaches near Coorg, which are Vatanappally beach, Nastika beach, Chavakkad beach, and Cherai beach.

Which season is best enjoyable in Coorg and why?

The summer season is the best time which you can enjoy in Coorg because of its pleasant weather. It is an enjoyable season for visiting Coorg, and you can travel to all significant places in this season.

For what Coorg is famous?

Coorg which is also known as Kodagu is a charming hill station in Karnataka. It is famous for its coffee plantation, rich flora and fauna, greenery, forests, steep hills, and breathtaking scenic views.

How can I go to Coorg from Bangalore?

The distance from Bangalore to Coorg is 265 km. You can go to Coorg from Bangalore by car, train, and bus.

How can I reach Coorg from Mysore?

You can reach Coorg from Mysore via road. There is no railway station in Coorg, so it is not possible to visit Coorg from Mysore via train. It is very convenient to travel from Mysore to Coorg by car as you can enjoy the beautiful views.

Which is the best route from Bangalore to Coorg?

The Nagarhole route is the best route from Bangalore to Coorg. In this route, you will visit ramanagara, Mandya, Nagarhole, and gonikoppal. This route is perfect for people who want to enjoy nature beauty.

What is the distance between Coorg and Bangalore?

The distance between Coorg and Bangalore is 242 km by road, and the aerial distance from Bengaluru to Coorg is 206 km.

How is the road from Bangalore to Coorg?

The roads from Bangalore to Coorg are very well maintained and smooth. This is the reason why people prefer to visit Coorg from Bangalore via car or cab.

What can we buy in Coorg?

You can buy coffee, organic spices, dry fruits, honey, oranges, exotic homemade wines, handmade chocolates, silk saris, flavored tea powders, handmade soaps, herbal oils, and handicrafts.

What is the special food of Coorg?

Kadambuttu, pandi curry, paputtu, noolputtu, akki otti, kakkada nyend curry and thambuttu are the special food of Coorg.

What's special in Coorg?

You should know that besides spices and coffee plantations, Coorg is famous for its very juicy and delicious oranges. These oranges are unique because they have sweetness and a tinge of citric tang that is yum.

Does Coorg have snow?

No, there is snowfall in Coorg in winter. However, the winters season of Coorg is quite chilly, but still, it doesn't have snow.

Which airport is near Coorg?

The Mangalore international airport is the nearest domestic airport to Coorg. It is about 160 km away from Coorg.

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